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1.19.3 스냅샷 22w46a 출시

2022.11.19 조회 수 1534 추천 수 0
플랫폼 자바 에디션 (JE) 
출처 https://www.minecraft.net/ko-kr/article/...hot-22w46a 

번역기 기반입니다

이제 실험 기능으로 추가된 재생 가능한 몹 소리, Nether 몹 생성 변경, 원격 측정 데이터 개선 및 여러 기술 개선 사항이 포함된 Minecraft 1.19.3용 스냅샷 22w46a를 출시합니다.

즐거운 광질 되세요!

실험적 기능 관련

  • 이제 Chiseled Bookshelf 의 원하는 지점 먼저 책을 넣을 수 있게 됩니다.

추가 사항

  • 소리 블록 위에 몹 머리를 두면 소리 블록이 해당 몹의 소리를 내게 됩니다.
  • 피글린을 충전된 크리퍼의 폭발로 죽일 경우 이제 머리를 드롭합니다.

변경 사항

  • 네더 차원에서 엔더맨, 스켈레톤, 위더 스켈레톤의 스폰을 위한 최대 밝기가 11에서 7로 하향했습니다.
    - 특정 차원문 기반 몹팜을 너프하기 위합니다.
    - 피드백 환영합니다.
  • Block of Bamboo 와 Stripped Block of Bamboo 의 상단 텍스쳐를 수정했습니다.
  • Bamboo Plank 의 덱스처를 다른 판자 변형과 동일한 패턴을 가지게 수정했습니다.
  • 크리에이티브 인벤토리 수정 사항
    • 피드백을 바탕으로 레드스톤 탭을 재배열했습니다.
    • 레일들을 Tools & Utilities 탭 내 마인카트에 추가했습니다.

기술적 변경 사항

  • Blocks carried by Endermen now use loot tables to generate drops when killed
  • 텍스처 로딩 및 스티칭 변경
  • 변역 파일 및 pack.mcmeta 은 이제 이스케이프 시퀸스 대신 ASCII가 아닌 문자(인코딩된 UTF-8)를 직접 포함합니다.
  • 새로운 커맨드 fillbiome 와 실행 하위 명령어 execute if|unless biome 가 추가되었습니다.
    • fillbiome
      지정된 지역의 생물군계를 바꿉니다. 블록별로 바뀌지 않으며, 영향을 받은 위치가 입력과 정확하지 않을 수 있습니다.
      • 구분
        - 구조: fillbiome <from> <to> <biome>
        - from : 시작될 위치의 모서리 좌표를 지정합니다.
        - to : 변경을 끝낳 위치의 모서리 좌표를 지정합니다.
        - biome : 변경할 생물군계를 지정합니다.
    • 실행 명령어는 다음과 같은 구조로 사용할 수 있습니다.
      execute if|unless biome <pos> <biome>

  • Telemetry Events 가 추가됩니다.
    This release includes the WorldUnloaded event, a required event, as well as several opt-in events. Diagnostic tracking is a tool that helps us understand what you like about Minecraft, which allows us to make those things better.The reason that WorldUnloaded, along with WorldLoaded, is a required event is that the information we’re looking at is, well, required. As a part of Xbox, we all need to follow a standard of practice, you can find a detailed description of it here. The parameters for what data we consider to be critical to our work are set by our team at Mojang Studios in alignment with Xbox.
    What we want to find out is how fun you think Minecraft is. There are lots of ways to figure that out, like feedback, playtests, experience, and magic. We want to add data to that mix, which is where WorldLoaded and WorldUnloaded come in. WorldLoaded measures when you boot a session up, and WorldUnloaded measures when you shut it down. Together, they will measure how fun Minecraft is, using metrics such as playtime and the game modes that players choose to play. That’s it. All the data we collect, whether it’s required or opt-in, follows GDPR and CCPA best practices to keep your information safe.
    The rest of the current telemetry events are opt-in, which means that you can choose whether or not you want to send us additional data. The only players that can’t opt-in are Microsoft child accounts, but everyone can still send in all of their feedback to feedback.minecraft.net.
    Just like all the thoughts and comments we get from you on our feedback site, this is something that greatly helps us improve Minecraft. We want to make a game that you want to play, so we want to know what that game needs. Even if it’s more lava.
    • Added Telemetry Data Collection Screen
      • This screen displays information about the type of data that is sent
      • The level of data sent can be controlled between “Minimal” and “All”
        • “Minimal” sends only the required data
        • “All” sends the required data, as well as optional data
      • The default data level is “Minimal” (only the required data)
    • Every telemetry event sent from the client is now logged to disk
      • Old log files are removed after 7 days
      • These can be found under the logs/telemetry directory
        • A shortcut to this directory is available via the “Open My Data” button on the Telemetry Data Collection screen
      • Added WorldUnloaded event
      • Removed client Java version from the WorldLoaded event
      • Understanding how Minecraft is played allows us to focus game updates and improvements on the areas that are most relevant to players.
        The data that tells us this includes game mode, client or server modded status, and game version.
        WorldLoaded & WorldUnloaded are two paired events that calculate how long the world session has lasted (in seconds and ticks).
        Data from WorldLoaded is sent when a world is launched, and data from WorldUnloaded is sent when a world is shut down (quitting to title, disconnecting from a server).
        Knowing the overall performance profile of Minecraft helps us tune and optimize the game for a wide range of machine specifications and operating systems.

        The periodic performance metrics includes data such as frame-rates, rendering performance, memory usage, operating system, and the modded status of the client and server.

        Game version is included to help us compare the performance profile for new versions of Minecraft.

        It’s important for us to understand how long it takes to join a world, and how that changes over time. For example, when we add new features or do larger technical changes, we need to see what impact that had on load times.

        This event includes the total time in milliseconds for the world to load, whether this was a new world, as well as game version and platform details.

      • Context: When the game loads all textures used by block and item models need to be stitched (merged) into a single image, called the “atlas”
        • Individual textures that are stitched onto the atlas are called “sprites”
      • To improve loading performance, block and item textures are now loaded before they are processed by block and item models
        • By default, textures not in the textures/item and textures/block directories will no longer be automatically recognized and will fail to load
      • Resource packs can now have configuration files, located in the atlases directory, that control which images are included in the atlases
      • New directory atlases is now present for resource packs
      • This directory contains JSON entries for configuring atlases:
        • blocks - textures used by block and item models
        • banner_patterns, beds, chests, shield_patterns, shulker_boxes, signs - used to render some special-case models
        • mob_effects - textures used for effect icons in the UI
        • paintings - textures used for paintings
        • particles - textures used for particles (referenced by the textures field in files within the particles directory)
      • If multiple packs include those files, they are merged by their order within the pack (same as tags in data packs)
      • Inside these files is a JSON object with a single list called sources
        • Every entry in sources runs in during load, in order of definition, adding or removing new files to the texture list; to be later referenced by block models, particles, etc
      • Types of sources:
        • directory- lists all files in a directory and its subdirectories, across all namespaces
          • source - directory in pack to be listed (relative to textures directory)
          • prefix - string to be appended to the sprite name when loaded
        • single- adds a single file
          • resource - location of a resource within the pack (relative to textures directory, implied .png extension)
          • sprite - sprite name (optional, defaults to resource)
        • filter- removes sprites matching the given pattern
          • namespace, path- patterns (regular expressions, regex) of ids to be removed (only works for entries already in the list)
            • If omitted, any value will be matched
        • unstitch- copies rectangular regions from other images
          • resource - location of a resource within the pack (relative to textures directory, implied .png extension)
          • divisor_x, divisor_y - used for determining the units used by regions
          • regions- list of regions to copy from the source image
            • sprite - sprite name
            • x, y - coordinates of the top-left corner of the region
            • width, height - size of the region
          • Values such as x are transformed to real image coordinates via dividing by their divisor, and then multiplying by the real image size
      • Example: if a pack has a file named assets/test/textures/fancy/iridium.png and source is {"type": "directory", "source": "fancy", "prefix": "custom/"}, the texture will be available in models as test:custom/iridium

버그 수정

  • MC-121865 - High potion effect durations being displayed as : is misleading
  • MC-147605 - Text cursors can exist in multiple fields
  • MC-151412 - “Edit Server Info” window does not focus “Server Name” text field automatically
  • MC-187539 - “tick” function tag runs before “load” instead of the other way around
  • MC-205563 - Endermen holding powder snow drop a powder snow bucket when killed
  • MC-209621 - Endermen holding potted plants do not drop the pot nor the plant
  • MC-221722 - Squids use the new texture when using Programmer Art
  • MC-222099 - Endermen holding candle cakes do not drop the candle or the cake upon being killed
  • MC-233042 - Server Address field isn’t focused when Direct Connection menu is opened
  • MC-234029 - You cannot hold any key to rapidly navigate between elements quickly after opening the inventory
  • MC-234161 - You cannot hold the TAB key to navigate between buttons quickly in the “Optimize World” menu
  • MC-234240 - You cannot hold the TAB key to navigate between buttons quickly in the “Superflat Customization” menu
  • MC-234408 - You cannot hold the TAB key to navigate between buttons quickly in the “Reset world” realms menu
  • MC-234409 - You cannot hold any key to rapidly execute the same function in the “World options” realms menu
  • MC-234572 - You cannot hold the TAB key to navigate between buttons quickly in the “Delete Server” menu
  • MC-234621 - You cannot hold the TAB key to navigate between buttons quickly in the “remove player” realms menu
  • MC-234782 - You cannot hold the TAB key to navigate between buttons quickly in the “Close realm” realms menu
  • MC-234846 - You cannot hold the TAB key to navigate between buttons quickly in the “switch world” realms menu
  • MC-234904 - You cannot hold the TAB key to navigate between buttons quickly in the “Data Packs” menu
  • MC-248926 - Setting “spectatorsGenerateChunks” to false and relogging freezes the game on the Loading Terrain screen
  • MC-249059 - Loading terrain screen cannot close before 2 seconds have passed
  • MC-250262 - Players sometimes get stuck on the “Loading terrain…” screen after switching dimensions whilst dead
  • MC-256308 - “limit” selector parameter with “arbitrary” sorting does not stop searching early
  • MC-256472 - Camels aren’t required for the “Two by Two” advancement
  • MC-256509 - Heads and Skulls are placed backwards
  • MC-256510 - Using a glow ink sac on a hanging sign does not grant the advancement “Glow and Behold!”
  • MC-256669 - Crafting recipe for bamboo hanging signs is unlocked by having any stripped log
  • MC-256878 - You cannot hold the TAB key to navigate between buttons quickly in the “Edit draft chat report” menu
  • MC-256882 - Bats fly in the perched position and vertical movement is not smooth
  • MC-256935 - Long player names within the “Select Chat Messages to Report” menu can extend past the scroll bar
  • MC-256993 - End crystal knockback bug
  • MC-257073 - You cannot hold the TAB key to navigate between buttons quickly in the “Experimental Features Warning” menu
  • MC-257105 - The walking animation of frogs and camels doesn’t play when they are moving slowly
  • MC-257113 - Ender dragon, wither, snow golem and iron golem spawn eggs from before 1.13 do not convert properly
  • MC-257114 - Incoherency: A random seed is already generated on the “Create New World” seed text field screen despite the “Leave blank for a random seed” label
  • MC-257188 - You aren’t prompted that your draft reports will be discarded upon disconnecting from worlds by using the “Title Screen” button within the death screen
  • MC-257266 - Entities sink or fall through snow when it accumulates while the “snowAccumulationHeight” gamerule is set to any value greater than 1
  • MC-257329 - Right-hand side tabs in the creative inventory are misaligned
  • MC-257334 - Stacked items do not show creative inventory tab label
  • MC-257354 - Messages sent by the hosts of LAN worlds are now considered unverified and cannot be reported
  • MC-257355 - The “Social Interactions” menu now falsely claims that there are no reportable messages for given players
  • MC-257378 - Villagers and piglins can’t open or close doors
  • MC-257386 - Inventory menu has broken textures with Programmer Art enabled
  • MC-257401 - Frog walk animation speeds up greatly when tempted by food or chasing slimes
  • MC-257410 - “Game Menu” on the pause menu is clickable

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